Jaides CURL story


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Finding my CURL type
3A, 4C or 2B? What is your curl type? To be completely honest with you, I only recently learned about these categories and am still in the process of learning what is what and what needs what. My curls have always been a mix, rather straight there, very curly here, tangled up on a regular and all of your hair being dreaded at the back of your head after wearing a scarf, is something to get used to and just let happen. I never really knew what my hair needed or wanted, because although I grew up bilingual, nobody in my home spoke Curl.

My mother’s hair is made of beautiful tight curls that nobody, including her ever got to see in their natural state, because since the age of 5 her hair has been straightened, mostly chemically and she never learned how to love them and love on them properly. All my life I listened to her say „Oh I want your hair“ meanwhile I fall in love every time I find one of those little curls grow out naturally on her neck before brutally being pressed straight. Back in the day people would refer to my mother’s hair type as „Bad Hair“ and „Difficult Hair“, now you could call it 4A. My hair was always full and curly but made of various kinds of curls and still is.

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I used to wear it long and had white German hairdressers admire and then cut them. And the curls would not be there all the time and the range of products my hair needed was never known of. With social media came the realization that my hair may need some extra love, some extra moisture, all of a sudden there were girls with curls that were making tutorials that none of the countless white people I grew up around would ever be able to relate to and I got better at caring for my hair.

All of that was brought to the next level last year in June when I went back to my second home, New York. My friend owns a hair salon and had gained some experience in cutting curls. She asked if she could play with my hair a bit and I said „You know what, I trust you, just do whatever you feel is best“ and so she did. She washed my hair, got out a knife and got serious. As I saw her cutting of pieces of my hair, I realized that the moment she let the strands go, they would jump up into curls I had never seen like that before.


“I don’t ever want to live without my curls again”

Learn how to love and treat your CURLs
Some more cutting, some products, more products and just this last bit of product, some spray and a diffuser later I was freaking Curly Sue. How on earth, where had my curls been all that time? I believe, they got scared by the white ladies and their brushes and combs and non-existing products and the dryness and my inability to speak their language. I went from a mess to a full head of mostly 3A hair and back in Germany all I get asked is “Did you get a perm“ & “Can I touch your hair“ and all of a sudden people believe I am Dominican...

And while I could absolutely live perfectly without all that, I don’t ever want to live without my curls again and although living in Germany, it’s still a struggle. I’m willing and even excited to learn my curls very own language.

Author: Jaide Fuchs, @jaidefuchs