Keynotes & Panels on topics that matter to the CURL Community

FOMO | What's behind the influencer lifestyle in Germany? (DE|EN)

Being a social media influencer nowadays comes with many prejudices. Influencers live their best life, get everything for free, always look good in pictures and visit the most anticipated events. But is that true? What’s really behind the influencer lifestyle here in Germany? Can influencers live off their social media income or is it just a farce? How do you even become an influencer? Is it a desirable life? And what are the struggles and challenges that come with it that we don’t get to see online? Our panelists reach millions of followers on Instagram but what does it mean to have such a reach? And where do they draw the line between freedom of expression and responsibility?

Panelists: Uncle D., Sandra Lambeck, Yeboah, Jolanda Kühne

Moderator: VVarholla

Black & Brown Visibility | Visual Storytelling & The Power of Media (EN)

The German film and media scene still lacks an adequate representation of Black and Brown narratives, whether it be through the stories they tell or the cast they hire or the decision makers behind the scenes. There has been some movement but is that enough? On this panel established and upcoming Afro-German actors/actresses, producers, writers, cinematographers and media professionals will discuss how we can actively move mainstream media, break the glass ceiling and keep doors open for more to come. 

Panelists: Tyron Ricketts, Emmanuel Whaja, Emmanuel Amoako Jansen, Kaze Uzumaki, Shirin Siebert, Sophia Lenore

Moderator: Eugene Boateng

Brown-Darkskin | Identity Perspectives (EN)

Panelists:Lucy Olaoni, Henriette Cambpell, Ohema Ashanti, Irene Asamoah, Lois Opuku, Nana D'artist, Jumoke

Moderator: Pricilla Abeyie

Mixed-Lightskin | Identity Perspectives (DE|EN)

Neither white enough, nor black enough, half/half or both 100%? This panel is all about what it means to be mixed and/or lightskined in Germany and the identity crisis many mixed people go through. Our panelists will discuss everything from the struggle of a missing niche for mixed people in Germany, to light-skin privilege and share their personal opinions as well as their own experience.

Panelists: Apollonia Traoré, Linda London , Kaze Uzumaki, Joe Welsing

Moderator: Alice Hasters

Selfcare & Masculinity (DE|EN)

As Black & Brown men in Germany, what do words like selfcare, self ove and masculinity mean? In what ways do we take care or not enough care of ourselves and are we really in tune with our inner world? Are men allowed to be men? What is the current reality and challenges? What can we do, individually and collectively, to uplift Black & Brown people on a deeper level? Can we move from toxic to healthy masculinity and what would that look like in a practical way? This all men panel will discuss these questions raw, honest and candid.

Panelists: Eugene Boateng, Emmanuel Amoako Jansen, Clix, Lawrie, Nana D’Artist, Chika

Moderator: Malcolm Ohanwe

Cultural Equity | When being black/afro-culture is trendy (EN)

Everybody wants to be black, but nobody wants to be black when it comes to the disadvantages that black people face in modern societies. With them raising their voices collectively all over the world, there is a trend of brands and individuals incorporating black culture into their advertisements and collections. Our panelists will share their personal opinion on how black people can use the current situation to their benefit and discuss the problems tokenism and afro culture as a trend,can bring.

Panelists: Alice Hasters, Ohemaa Glory, Grace Maleka

Moderator: Jessica L.E. Taylor

Entrepreneurship in the Black & Brown Consumer Market in Germany

What does it mean to be an Black entrepreneur nowadays? How strong is the support of Black owned businesses within the community? What can we do to better uplift each other The obstacles, the reasons to become one, the traps and what it means to be a Black entrepreneur, these are a few of the elements our speaker will discuss on this panel.

Panelists: Jeff Jacobsen, Arinze Odenigbo, Nosa Obasuyi,
Martina Offeh

Moderator: Nana Addison

The problem with wokeness | Haben wir das Thema verfehlt? (DE)